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Classes & Programs


We invite you to join us at EFHW Center for a range of wonderful classes and programs that will help you reach your health goals. After reading the general description about our offerings, you can see the details of specific classes and register to attend by clicking on the link in the Calendar.

Note: Insurance billing is only available to patients of our practice.  Insurance billing  is permitted for only one visit per day whether it is a  medical visit with a provider, individual class or group class. Please plan accordingly to pay cash for classes, if that is an option, if you would like to take a class the same day of a medically billed appointment. 

Group Medical Visits

During the year we offer group programs on several topics including weight management, diabetes prevention, women’s health, gut health, and detox programs. Our certified health coaches also offer general health and wellness group coaching programs if you prefer to work with one of our health coaches in a group setting.

Wellness Classes

How you live your life and the connection you feel to yourself and others is at the very core of our values, and at the very center of health and wellness. We offer a variety of classes to help you learn new lifestyle skills to improve sleep, reduce stress and live more fully.

Cooking Classes

We are deeply committed to helping you learn how to choose and prepare delicious food that supports vitality and longevity. We work with dietitians, health coaches and chefs to put together informative classes and demonstrations for our patients and community. Our signature cooking demos are both relaxing and educational. Sit back and discuss the health-supportive topic at hand, while our talented staff show you how to prepare a delicious meal to enjoy at the end of class.

Special Events

We truly believe community plays a fundamental role in well-being and excited to provide our space for community members to meet, learn and grow.  Contact us if you would like to host a special event at our center.

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