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Our Mission


Essential Family Health & Wellness Center is a holistic, insurance based primary care center. We are a multifunctional space that promotes knowledge through active participation, partnership and community. Our team of collaborative health care providers are committed to practicing medicine with integrity.  With osteopathic and functional medicine principles as our compass, we focus on structural balance, natural healing modalities, and the innate wisdom of the body to aid in the reversal of chronic disease and foster positive health outcomes.



I always knew the body has the innate ability to heal itself which is what led me to my training as an Osteopath. As a practicing physician in hospitals and private practice I quickly became frustrated with not having enough time or the right tools to help my patients with their complaints.  I left every day exhausted and unsatisfied with the career I spent so long training for.  I kept thinking I could do so much more than simply prescribe a medication or refer to a specialist.


My experience as a physician with the healthcare system, and my own personal health challenges as a patient, led me to pursue training in functional medicine. It was in my very first functional medicine lecture that I had my “Ah Ha” moment! Functional medicine aligned perfectly with my osteopathic training. It was literally the toolbox I needed to help apply the osteopathic principles I so passionately believed in.

Now 15 years after starting my own practice, I have fulfilled my dream in the opening of the EFHW Center. Here I am, along with a team of talented practitioners, offering the best of functional medicine. We are helping patients get to the root cause of their concerns. We understand that problems can be complex, and healing is not linear. We accept the challenge and are honored to support and partner with you to help you get well and thrive.


These are the values that drive us, everyday:

  • Listen: Taking the time to listen to patients is fundamental. Patients always tell you what is wrong.

  • Dig Deep: A diagnosis is where we begin, not the end of the story. Symptoms are more important than diagnosis or labels as they help us get to the root of what is really going on.

  • Holistic View: Even with perfect food, balanced physiology, if the mental/emotional/social needs are not met, the symptoms may not improve.

  • Lifestyle Matters: Changing how we eat, move, sleep, detox and think is critical to well-being!


I invite you to visit us, join us, and see how our practice can help you.

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